Involux factory production facilities with warehouse space cover 27 000 m2. And it operates using innovative production and advanced technologies in order to build a smart and effective organization. Our production is equipped with high-precision and professional machines with high automation level, simple operation and numerical control technologies. It is distinguished by high productivity and speed manufacture, accuracy and low costs for the technological cycle that reduces the cost of production and makes our cabinet home and office furniture safer, more reliable and long lasting. Our manufacturing company is forced to constantly diversify production and expand the segment of furniture of economy and mid-price class. For the successful operation, constant development of the production and technological base is required.

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Involux furniture production is carried out according to the regulated rules and regulations, and all our manufactured furniture comply with the safety and quality standards. In maintaining the quality and safety we are helped by the management systems we have in place, which are based on the requirements of the following: 

  • supply chain management by The European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR)
  • a quality control management system that has been implemented the production

Requirement for the professional equipment for furniture production

Reliability. Reliability.

We choose only the qualified furniture making machine suppliers. We use industrial machines and entire lines by worldwide famous companies: Schelling, IMA, Maw Nottmeyer, etc.

Efficiency and productivity. Efficiency and productivity.

The equipment is comfortable and easy controlled and significantly shorten the time for reconfiguration, maximally avoid the influence of the human factor on the results in order to reduce the percentage of rejects and achieve the maximum quality of products. Nowadays the production capacities allow to produce over 2000 tons per month

Accuracy and quality of all operations. Accuracy and quality of all operations.

The material should be cut with optimized cutting planning and without chips, and drilling should be carried out in precisely specified dimensions. Our processing machines with computerized numerical control are capable of performing complex operations with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Health and safety. Health and safety.

By providing adequate training, supervision and safety equipment we try to minimize the negative impacts of these technologies on workers and protect them from various injuries.

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Technologies used in Involux manufacturing furniture

Involux manufacturing process consists of basic technologies such as cutting, edge banding, CNC processing centers, drilling, and own line of cardboard packaging production. And it includes a wide range of special technologies that give us the possibility to produce unique products with different design-solutions. Of these, milling, MDF powder coating, veneering, lacquering, laser cutting and engraving of non-metallic materials, UV-rays full-colour printing, aluminum and wrapped profiles  technology, metalworking technology, etc.
We have other auxiliary machines with multiple functions. For example, profiling corner trimming machine, polishing machine, etc. 

All our production processes and technologies are mutually integrated in a unique chain forming in such way efficient furniture manufacturing system.

Furniture production technologies in practice

Office desk on metal-based frame with solid wood legs

Laser cutting facades

Full-colored printing on furniture elements

Milling of MDF facades

Let explore our furniture industry's technologies and how furniture products are made behind the scenes.


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